The MonaLisa Touch - 3rd Year Celebration

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Oct 20

Michelle Erickson

The MonaLisa Touch - 3rd Year Celebration

by Michelle Erickson

It’s been 3 Years Since our First MonaLisa Touch

As we approach our 3-year anniversary we want to celebrate and thank all of our clients as we reflect and mlt-size-small.jpgreaffirm our commitment to improving beauty and health.

On January 8th, 2015 Dr. Karny Jacoby launched Integrity Medical Aesthetics to provide vaginal health services with newly FDA approved and breakthrough in women’s health, The MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser. The MonaLisa Touch if for resolving the symptoms of menopause, primarily vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. As a Board Certified Urologist with a Subspecialty Certification in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, many of Dr. Jacoby’s existing patients were struggling with the effects of aging including vaginal health. She recognized that this treatment was going to be life changing. Dr. Jacoby wanted to help her patients look as young as they feel both inside and out by providing the best possible cosmetic treatments, laser services and products.

"As a Board Certified Urologist, I have been treating many women for vaginal atrophy, discomfort and pain during intercourse. The MonaLisa Touch laser is a revolutionary new way to treat atrophic vaginitis and a great option for all those women who can’t use estrogen or hormones.” ~ Karny Jacoby,

As the first physician in Washington to provide the MonaLisa Touch laser treatments, Dr. Karny Jacoby has now successfully completed over 400 treatments!

About Integrity Medial Aesthetics

Integrity Medical Aesthetics uses science and technology to improve the signs of aging from a health perspective. Services offered fall into 3 categories:

Vaginal Health: The MonaLisa Touch laser treatment will improve vaginal health by stimulating collagen growth and increasing blood flow. The MonaLisa Touch will treat menopause symptoms including vaginal dryness and painful sex.

Cosmetic Treatments: Fillers, injectables and chemical peels are used to improve the signs of aging creating a more youthful appearance.

Laser Services: Laser facials, photo facials, spider vein treatments and laser hair reduction.

Whether you want to improve vaginal health and intimacy or look younger naturally, you can expect an exceptional outcome and improved quality of life. 

The MonaLisa Touch Patient Results

What effect did the MonaLisa Touch™ have on women 1-year following their 3rd treatment?

One-year following treatment we asked our clients which specific symptoms they were treated for, what were the results and if they have completed their annual treatment or planned on scheduling one. We also asked clients if they would recommend the MonaLisa Touch™ laser treatment to other woman.

Typically, our clients came to us seeking relief from a combination of symptoms. The most common symptom clients complained of was vaginal dryness with 72% of our clients citing this as their biggest complaint. 43% wanted to be treated for painful sex, 43% seeking relief from recurrent UTI’s and 15% Urinary Incontinence.

90% of the women who were having sex prior to treatment with the MonaLisa Touch™ said that results have been “life-changing with no noticeable symptoms of vaginal dryness”. 

72% of women said they had either completed their annual MonaLisa Touch Up® or planned on scheduling it in the near future. Some women said that they hadn’t come back for their Touch Up as they were not experiencing any noticeable symptoms yet.

When asked, 12% of clients said that they already recommended the MonaLisa Touch™ to friends while 63% said they would definitely recommend it. 

We will be celebrating our 3rd year Anniversary the 2nd week in January 2018. 

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