MonaLisa Touch™ Frequently Asked Questions

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Jan 10

Cynosure/MonaLisa Touch

MonaLisa Touch™ Frequently Asked Questions

by Cynosure/MonaLisa Touch


The Issue:

Even with the passage of time, many women still retain their youthful energy and enthusiasm, but post-menopausal changes can affect a woman's quality of life in unexpected ways. Hormone replacement therapy may not be the best option for a lot of patients, as treatment outcomes can be uncertain.  Now there is an alternative therapy for vaginal revitalization that can help millions of women who are silently suffering and unable to undergo other treatment options.

What is the MonaLisa Touch?

MonaLisa Touch™ is a medical laser that delivers controlled energy to the vaginal tissue to revitalize the cells in the vaginal mucosa (vaginal tissue) so that these cells make more collagen, an essential ingredient in vaginal cell health.

How does it work?attractive_mature_couple_monalisa_touch.jpg

MonaLisa Touch™ implements CO2 laser energy that is delivered via side-firing probe inserted into the vaginal canal.  A two-part pulse targets surface (epithelial) tissue and deep (lamina propria) tissue to promote vaginal mucosal revitalization. 

What clinical trials have been conducted on the MonaLisa Touch?

A multisite study was conducted by Dr. Mickey Karram, Director of Fellowship Program on Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery at The Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, OH and Dr. Eric Sokol, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Stanford University Medical Center.  Preliminary findings from a trial evaluating the laser treatment on postmenopausal women* and breast cancer survivors experiencing vaginal health issues show positive results.

The trial assessed the use of CO2 fractional laser therapy on 30 women with vaginal health issues due to natural or induced menopause.   All of the patients in the trial were treated with The MonaLisa Touch™ laser. 

A detailed list of clinical trials and studies are listed here.

Since the publishing of the FAQ by Cynasure many other clinical trials have been published that can be found on several websites including

Where can I have this done?

Integrity Medical Aesthetics
6005 244th Street SW, Ste. 111
Mountlake Terrace, WA  98043

Call: 206.795-1693

The MonaLisa Touch™ is an in-office procedure performed by an Dr. Karny Jacoby, MD, FPMRS, CPI. Specializing in Women's Health her entire professional career, Dr. Karny Jacoby has extensive knowledge of vaginal health and what personal treatments and lifestyle changes patients request. The MonaLisa Touch™ is the solution for her menopausal patients who are living longer and desire continued youthful experiences including healthy sexual lives and relationships.  

Does the procedure hurt?

The procedure is virtually painless and requires no anesthesia.  Some patients may experience some discomfort the first time the probe is inserted, but the actual treatment is not painful.  Many patients report that it feels like a gentle vibration.

How long does it take?

Patients receive three treatments, spaced six weeks apart, which each take less than five minutes to perform.

When will I see results?

Most patients feel improvement after the very first treatment, although the procedure calls for three treatments that are generally spaced over a 12-week period.

How long does it last?

Patients should expect to come back annually for a maintenance treatment.  MonaLisa Touch™ was first available outside the US where more than 5,000 patients have been treated worldwide with up to an 18-month follow-up. For real patient experience check out our blog post "Menopause Symptom Relief Using the MonaLisa Touch - 1 Year Later"

What are my limitations after the procedure is done?

Patients should refrain from sexual activity for 2-3 days.  Your doctor will determine a post-procedure regimen that is right for you. Pre-Treatemtn and Post-treatment instructions at Integrity Medical Aesthetics are as follows:

Pre-Treatment Instructions MonaLisa TouchTM:

  • Refrain from intercourse 24 hours prior to your treatment.

  • Avoid the use of vaginal lubricants or creams 48 hours prior to treatment.

Post-Treatment Instructions MonaLisa TouchTM:

  • Many patients refrain from vaginal sexual activity for 48 hours following treatment.

  • Most patients resume normal activity as tolerated immediately after the procedure.

For which patients is this treatment appropriate? 

The MonaLisa Touch™ is appropriate for any female who has gone through menopause, as well as those who are experiencing post-menopausal symptoms as a result of a hysterectomy or breast cancer treatments. More details can be found at

Candidates for the MonaLisa Touch™ vaginal laser treatment include the following:

  • women who wish to avoid the risks associated with hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
  • GSM or vaginal atrophy, vaginal dryness – usually menopausal
  • dyspareunia (painful intercourse)
  • a history of breast cancer, thrombophlebitis, or other contraindications to estrogen
  • poor responders to estrogen treatment
  • patients with the goal of returning to premenopausal health

How can I find out if a physician in my area is offering the MonaLisa Touch treatment?

In the greater Seattle area Dr. Karny Jacoby, Integrity Medical Aesthetics, has 3 years experience treating patients for vaginal dryness and painful sex. You can schedule a consult by calling 206.795.1693.

Outside of Washington State patients interested in MonaLisa Touch™ treatment can visit to find a physician in their area.  If a physician is not currently available, patients have the option to receive additional details once the treatment comes to their market. 

How much will the procedure cost?

Patients should contact their healthcare professional for additional information. The MonaLisa Touch treament costs vary by location. Please call us at Integrity Medical Aesthetics for more details about pricing 206.795.1693. 

Is this procedure safe for women with breast cancer?

Yes, MonaLisa Touch™ treatment is particularly well suited for patients who cannot, or prefer not to receive estrogen therapy. You may be interested in a real patient story "Treating Early Menopause Symptoms in Young Breast Cancer Survivors".

Will the procedure be covered by insurance?

No processing code has been established.

*Women in the study either experienced natural menopause or induced menopause as the result of hysterectomy or drug-induced suppression of ovarian function (chemotherapy, radiations, anticancer drugs such as Tamoxifen) 

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