Anti-Aging Treatments for your Hands

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Aug 06

Sallie Deitz LME

Anti-Aging Treatments for your Hands

by Sallie Deitz LME


How can I make my hands look younger?

Protect & Prevent

The skin on your hands is thin and prone to aging. Hands lose collagen and elastin earlier than other areas of the skin on the body. For some of us, our hands are our livelihood, so it is especially difficult when we see them aging rapidly. To make your hands look younger you will want to protect your skin to prevent early aging.

How to Prevent and Protect your Hands from the Effects of Aging

It starts with preventing and protecting your skin. Daily nurturing and care of our hands can improve hands at any age, and can go a long way to prevent premature aging. Here are some basic reminders in caring for our hands:

  1. Daily Use of Sunscreen. One of the most important steps in hand care, is to make certain (as with the face) to always wear a broad spectrum sun protection product, preferably with zinc oxide and or titanium dioxide (physical sunscreen ingredients). It is the number one defense against aging and premature aging of the skin. Many use sunscreen for their hand cream, which is a great idea. Find one that is not too heavy, yet gives you the moisturizer and UV protection that you need. The Dynamic Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 55 is an excellent choice. Use it on your wrists, arms, as well as face and neck (and any other exposed areas).
  2. Wear gloves. While gardening, driving, doing house work, working with any types of chemicals, or taking a walk on a cold day, remember to wear gloves. Gloves protect the skin against hot water, strong detergents, UV rays, and other potentially skin damaging activities.
  3. See your dermatologist or physician. If you notice a major change in the skin on your hands, see a dermatologist. Extreme redness, unexplained spots or moles that appear suddenly, if the skin on your hands is painful in an area, it is important to see a physician for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

What anti-aging treatments are available for reducing brown spots (hyperpigmentation), smooth wrinkles and increase elasticity?

We have many treatments for hands today, and are seeing great results from prescriptions, injectables, products and device applications. From Platelet Rich Plasma (using our own), to dermal fillers, to IPL treatments (Intense Pulsed Light- also used in photofacials) are all aimed at making the hands look and feel better. Here is just a snapshot of what these products and treatments can do for the hands.

  • Prescriptions – Retinoic acid (Retin-A®, Tretinoin).  Retin-A® or Tretinoin can do wonders for the skin on the hands, once you get past the initial stages of slight redness, and maybe some itching. It helps to normalize skin cells. As we get older, the anti-aging-tretinoin-body-cream.jpgcells do not reproduce as fast, and they are not as plump so to speak, as they are when we are younger. Plus, we have less fat under our skin on our hands which contributes to the look of aging, loose, skin. Tretinoin can speed up skin cell production, and ultimately improve the overall look of the skin on the hands. Anti-Aging Body Cream with Tretinoin is an excellent option for your hands. 
  • Products – Hand creams, moisturizers and hydrators are all great for support in augmenting moisture in and on the hands. However, your Sunscreen is the first defense and most important product that you’ll benefit from if used daily. Once again, making sure that it contains zinc oxide and or titanium dioxide as physical sunscreen agents (reflecting the UV rays off of the skin) will give you more protection than a chemical sunscreen, and helps to ward off hyperpigmentation, extreme dryness and wrinkles.
  • IPL – Intense Pulsed Light is light energy targets areas of hyperpigmentation, or spider veins, without damaging the healthy tissue. IPL treatments can also stimulate collagen growth, which makes the skin more plump and healthy looking.

Treating hands is an ongoing commitment regardless of where we are on the aging spectrum. Making certain to have prevention measures and their use, in place every day such as moisturizers, sunscreens, and gloves if need be, are vital to maintaining healthy looking hands and skin. Keeping sunscreen, hand products containing ingredients such as antioxidants, sodium hyaluronate and shea butter in your bag is good planning. If you find yourself without a moisturizer you can use olive oil, coconut oil, etc.

Take good care of you, and your hands.

All Blessings!



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